It is a simple truth that we all depend on each other in a web whose threads are innumerable acts of giving. 

So many people have helped us over the years to grow and to share our passion so that we, in turn, can help others on their mental health journey.

Thank you to these people who carry us and inspire us - we are forever grateful.

Kids Rights Organisation - Amsterdam, Netherlands - www.kidsrights.org

We Are Family Foundation - New York, New York - www.wearefamilyfoundation.org

PeacejamSA - www.peacejam.org 

Dr Jaclyn Lotter (SACAP)

Terence Townsend (SACAP)

Giselle Barbosa (Honours Psych Student / CrossFit Athlete) - www.honethis.com

Achmat Hassiem aka SHARKBOY - This guy is what HOPE looks like! Mental Illness Advocate, Paralympic Medalist, Shark Attack Survivor, Motivational Speaker and Ocean Defender

Tyron Venter and Casey-Lee Perry and Squad - Swimming Supporters and Role Models

Brigette Melly - Swimming Supporter and Motivator

Laura Featherstone - Swimming Supporter - been helping us to up the mileage since 2017

Pippa Hudson (Cape Talk) - Support, Encouragement and Marketing

Natasha Young - Volunteer and Support Photographer

Sunday Hot Chocolate Swimmers - Swimming Support

Jane Rivera - Volunteer (Content and Promotion)

Shannon Thompson (www.jewellersflorist.com) - Swimming Supporter and Sponsor 

Tom Maydont - Open Water Swimmer and Mentor

Leandre Meyer-Kleynhans - Volunteer and Real Life Coach

Carla Meyer-Kleynhans - Volunteer, Real Life Coach and Official Photographer

Zoe Pappadakis - Volunteer (Marketing)

Rose Londt - Our biggest fan and best grandmother ever

Chaeli Mycroft (Chaeli Campaign) - Life Coach and Mentor

Zelda Mycroft (Chaeli Campaign) - Life Coach and Mentor

Janine Boulle - Volunteer and supporting Clinical Psychologist

Mrs Krystle Kustanovich - Our go-to person when life gets tough 

Blake Rimmer - Marketing

Wynberg Boys' High School   |   Reddam House Constantia - Our Swimathon Hosts

Rubi Da Silva - Swimming Supporter

Nicci Rau - Volunteer and Motivator

Kendal Slade - Volunteer (Catering)

Sophia Jacobs - Volunteer (Catering)

Isabelle Susman - Volunteer (Ground Crew)

Amy Foale - Volunteer (Ground Crew)

Hannah Dreyer - Volunteer (Ground Crew)

Jorja Wannerton-Brown - Volunteer (Ground Crew)

Brooklyn Jordaan - Volunteer (Ground Crew)

Danielle Jacobs - Volunteer (Ground Crew)

Bella Welensky - Volunteer (Ground Crew)

Nicholas Horn - Volunteer (Ground Crew)

Theo Cothill - Volunteer (Ground Crew)

Hannah Moses - Volunteer (Ground Crew)

Kelly Blake - Volunteer (Ground Crew) and Marketing

Tristan Thomas - Swimming Supporter

Caitlyn Lightfoot - Volunteer Marketing

Oscar Sifumba - Volunteer (Sound Crew)

Cameron Slade - Volunteer (Sound Crew)

Nicolas Henshilwood - Volunteer (MC)

Freeline Screenprint (www.freeline.co.za) - Sponsor

Youth - All the Change Makers making a difference by taking part in Mental Health dialogue