Swim For Change is a youth-driven organisation, centred on creating awareness and education around mental wellness. For the past four years, we have initiated six 12-Hour Swimathons, which use the physical struggle of endurance swimming to provide insight into the perpetual struggle of mental illness. The Swimathons also provide vital funding for awareness and education programmes, delivered by qualified young people and professionals.

The extraordinary circumstances of 2020 have forced millions of people to change their perspective.

For us, the water looks different this time, but the faces of struggling youth still look the same, perhaps even worse for many.

Our 12-Hour Swimathons are currently restricted, but Founder Member, Christopher Kleynhans will raise funds to continue his organisation's work by doing a Robben Island crossing around 27 February 2021 (date dependent on weather conditions). 

Swim For Change will use the funds raised from this event to make available educational presentations and resources around mental health to as many schools as possible, in a way that does not risk exposure to Covid-19.

Most schools in South Africa do not have adequate digital connectivity, which limits access to online resources. Nor do they have enough counsellors or trained educators to provide information and support at school.

We will use the funds to purchase USB drives, populated with visual content and printable resources. Curated content will be youth-focused. Swim For Change will distribute the USB drives to under-resourced schools. Educators and students can share the USB drive files to encourage dialogue and practical application of useful recommendations.

Mental illness doesn’t happen only to other people. At some point, we all experience mental health challenges. We all have a role to play in changing the way our world sees mental illness. Our responsibility is to make sure that inequity, shame and stigma are no longer responsible for preventing more than half the youth in South Africa from getting the help they need.

Mental illness shows no mercy and has claimed far too many of those we love. We have the choice of either being part of the problem or a part of the solution. 

Please consider donating via the GivenGain platform to help provide mental health resources to under-resourced schools and be a part of the solution.



Thank you for helping us to spread the love.