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We are privileged to be supported by The South African College of Applied Psychology Practicum Students at both the Cape Town and Johannesburg Campuses.

We are especially grateful to Dr Jaclyn Lotter and Terence Townsend, who have made this possible and continue to guide us.

Cape Town Campus: 021 671 7692

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Terence Townsend

Terence Townsend holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (Counselling) from Nelson Mandela University and is a Registered Counsellor with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). 


Currently, Terence is a Work Integrated Learning Co-ordinator at the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) Cape Town Campus where is primarily responsible for the placement, supervision, training and co-ordination for both undergraduate and postgraduate students completing qualifications in psychology and counselling. His specialties in the field of Psychology are Community Psychology and Educational Psychology. He has previous working experience at the Nelson Mandela University Community Psychology Clinic as both a Registered Counsellor and personal managing assistant. He has developed, co-ordinated and facilitated Psycho-educational programmes at schools and health clinics in impoverished communities within and around the Eastern Cape.Terence has previous lecturing experience at SACAP as a postgraduate educator as well as in the Department of Psychology at Nelson Mandela University, facilitating core academic modules to undergraduate students completing degrees in Psychology and Education. He has also offered training to BPSYCH students in various psychometric assessments, counselling techniques as well as community outreach programmes. 


He has a passion for education, students as well as community outreach programmes in disadvantaged and impoverished communities within South Africa. 

"Fostering a learning environment where my students are encouraged to apply a "Gown to Town" approach to their learning and practice of psychology is at the core of my passion for education and the reframing of psychology within a South African context."

Stephen Penney

Stephen Penney

Stephen Penney Counselling Psychologist  M.Soc.Sci (UKZN) 

Stephen works therapeutically with children, adolescents and adults. 

Stephen is interested in helping clients develop optimally and adjust to life challenges. This includes assisting with personality, self-concept and self-esteem development, adjustment difficulties, depression and anxiety.

Robin Scott & Associates

Professional Psychology Practice

Office    : 021 6850295 
Cell       : 0837784478

website : www.robinscottpsychology.co.za

Angela Morton

Angela Morton

Angela Morton  Counselling Hypnotherapist

After a variety of careers, none of which seemed to inspire her for any length of time, Angela’s decision to change direction in her career happened when she underwent her own life coaching process.  She realised that, finally, this was where her real passion lay.  She wanted to facilitate in helping others, as she had been helped, to unravel their lives and make informed and empowered decisions for themselves.   She understood that life is about taking conscious responsibility for ourselves and choosing a direction rather than floating along where life has blown us. So she left the corporate world and went back to school.

She studied at the South African College of Applied Psychology and graduated with a Diploma in Counselling and Communication (Coaching).    Before going on to become a Counselling Hypnotherapist through the National School of Therapeutic Hypnosis, she also became an accredited Time to Think Coach.  Fascinated by birth and women’s need for claiming their births as their own, she also qualified as a doula through Mama Bamba and now, in addition to attending births, trains and mentors other doulas.

Her therapy client base is made up of adults and adolescents.  Her main tool is hypnosis which is a way of short circuiting the talk therapy and making faster progress towards the desired outcome.  Most problems can be addressed through hypnosis.

Her therapy practice is based at the Foundations for Life holistic family centre in Plumstead where she sees a variety of clients in her capacity as a life coach, counsellor and hypnotherapist.

She has 2 adult children, a life partner and two cats – all of whom are her teachers!


Email:  coaching.doula@gmail.com

Cell:  073 6655 884

Nicol Hoare

Nicol Hoare

Nicol Hoare   B.SocSci Hons

Nicol has long enjoyed having long discussions with people about topics which matter to them and spending time developing her introspective awareness. As she grew older, the choice to study psychology seemed a natural extension of both of these and she dove into the world of mental health. She completed her Honours degree and has spent time volunteering as a counsellor, including volunteering with teens. She enjoys the excitement of developing relationships with the people she counsels and taking the journey with them as they unravel and develop their mental awareness and capacity.  

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Janine Lawrence

Janine Lawrence graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology (B.Psych) at University of the Western Cape and is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as a Registered Counsellor.

Janine is the Work Integrated Learning Co-ordinator at the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) on the Cape Town Campus. In this role, she is responsible for training, placement, supervision and co-ordination of students.

Her role as a Registered Counsellor has allowed her passion for community engagement to grow. It is this passion that she hopes to bring into her classroom to encourage students to support communities in need.

Angela Boulle Profile

Angela Boulle

Angela Boulle  Workplace Coach and Mental Health Warrior


Angela’s working career began in law, banking and finance before deciding to start a family when she opted out of the structured corporate world to focus on her children. A few years later she was presented with an opportunity to join a cutting-edge future trend and people strategy consultancy. Having had a keen interest in human dynamics and corporate cultures, this work deepened her understanding of people and introduced her to the rewarding  world of coaching, ultimately leading her to a coaching certification. Through this work, Angela coaches individuals and teams on various aspects of their professional and personal lives enabling them to achieve the shifts and changes they are looking for. 

Angela’s exposure and interest in mental health has been through both her coaching practice as well as her lived experience of supporting people close to her who have mental illnesses. It has been through this that she has realised the enormity of challenges being faced in the mental health arena, particularly in schools and communities of young people. She believes that by creating more awareness amongst parents, teaching and coaching staff as well as of course children themselves from a young age, could help to reduce the staggering numbers of people developing and carrying anxiety and depression into their teenage and adult lives. She is a firm advocate of challenging the mental health stigma and is currently exploring avenues to develop or augment programmes in schools to tackle this.


Angela is married to Vince and is mum to Jase and Brad, three men who are her daily inspiration. Their cuddly felines, Harry and Meghan, complete the family!

Email:  ang@boulle.co.za