Hey there Humxns!

                       I'm Christopher Kleynhans, a 17 year old activist from                                  Cape Town, South Africa. I started a non-profit organization                                            called Swim For Change when I was 12 years old. We have been                                   focusing on the importance of mental health, specifically within                                   the youth.


It is beyond important to recognize the need for mental health to become a less stigmatized topic within our communities. By striving towards inclusivity and diversity within all intersections of identities, we aim to create a safe space for dialogue, as well as to raise funds to educate and empower our youth through workshops and talks.

I stand for equal access to Mental Health support for all.  Mental well-being is one of the most important topics in society but yet it does not get enough attention.

Youth have unlimited power and potential.  We have the power to create change and we will use it.  Join us for positive social change.
Christopher Kleynhans