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Mental Health can be a struggle for any person but this should not mean we cannot reach our full potential.  We see mental health discrimination as being oppressive and we can no longer allow anyone to feel worthless.
Mental illness shows no mercy and has claimed far too many of those we love.  Are you fighting a battle every day of your life?
We want to tell you that you are not alone and that you have nothing to be ashamed of.
We understand and we will fight with you and for you. There is ALWAYS a reason to fight!
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Swim For Change


Swim For Change is a youth driven organisation, which started in January 2015. 

The organisation focuses on creating awareness about the importance of mental health, whilst raising funds for the education of teachers and parents surrounding the support of youth with mental health difficulties.

Swim For Change is actively involved in mental health activism and continues to seek the support from the South African National Government in implementing mental healthcare strategies in schools quicker and for the implementation of a National Suicide Prevention Strategy. 

We speak not as adults with hindsight but as teenagers with insight and we are not afraid to open up a space for dialogue about mental health.

This is a world problem and we will talk about it because we are not ashamed about having difficult emotions.

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You can help end mental health discrimination by



others how common mental illness is


for mental illness injustice


openly about mental illness


others to do the same

Help to get SOUTH AFRICA talking. 

We are asking everyone to start having a conversation about mental health every THURSDAY - just ONE conversation a week.  Mental health problems are more common than you think, so don't feel ashamed or isolated!

Swim For Change Activism

International Children's Peace Prize Nominee - 2019

Thank you Western Cape Department Of Education’s Chief Directorate for Inclusive Education and Special Programmes, Dr Sigamoney Naicker and Director of Specialised Education, Ms Bernice Daniels for your support.  We're excited by the potential of our collaboration.


Your Greatest Self.

  1. Fall madly in love with yourself!

    • Love is the most powerful energy in existence​.

  2. Embark on a journey of self discovery.

    • Explore who YOU are and ignore everyone else's definitions​.

  3. Free yourself through forgiveness.

    • Forgive easily and then move on without the baggage.​

  4. Tell your inner critic where to go.

    • Let inspiration be your fuel rather than self-control - give yourself a break.​

  5.  Radically Relax! (aka Meditate)

    • 'Letting go' on​ a daily basis is a game changer - start with just 15 minutes a day, today!

  6. Take care of your body.

    • Nutrition​

    • Physical movement

    • Sleep

    • Pampering, yes pampering!

  7. Create a life that you love.

    • Live a life that uplifts and inspires you.​

  8. Make the difference only you can make!

    • The world needs you. Only you can offer what only you have to give. Connect to your passions and interests.  Make a contribution to those around you.  Simply being Y-O-U, at your best, will inspire everyone around you.

Mr Devkota Matrika
Mr Matrika Devkota





People with mental health difficulties can and do get better.  We all need support at some point in our life.  Check OUR PEOPLE to get you going.  If you would like us to assist you in finding help that isn't listed on OUR PEOPLE page, please contact us.

International Activism




Check what Swim For Change is getting up to.


20 January 2020 and Mental Health Awareness is getting some attention in the Cape Times! One of the biggest contributors to stigma is avoiding conversation around the topic of Mental Health. Please, South Africa ... mothers, guardians, teachers and especially fathers, look inwardly and actively break the barriers surrounding communication within Mental Health Awareness. Once there is dialogue and an established safe space, one can then begin to work towards a healthy relationship that allows for a more comfortable transition towards getting professional help. Our Youth need help. 


#GetSouthAfricaTalking #NoRegrets #YouthQuake

Take mental health activism to your school.


School is a great place to raise awareness about mental health and mental health needs to be part of the culture of every school.  You can help by getting the conversation going at your school. 


If you would like us to visit your school to help you do this, let us know and we'll make it happen.

Never underestimate the power of continued, small actions that can make big changes.  Activism is caring enough about a problem to take action towards a solution.  Free your inner activist and inspire the world around you.  You are a Change Maker! 


Swim For Change is a youth driven, self funded organisation.  Events are held to raise funds to provide education for the support of youth with mental health difficulties but additional support goes a long way to enable us to share expert information to schools all over the country to tackle mental health.


Please support us if you can.  To donate, please connect with us by clicking the yellow donate button and we will email our bank details to you.

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